Sudoku Master

Sudoku is the newest puzzle craze to sweep the world.

iGrPro has shipped Version 3.2 of Sudoku Master, the best Sudoku game for the PC.

You can play Classic Sudoku or Letter Sudoku!

With Classic Sudoku, you use the digits 1 through 9 to solve the puzzle. Letter Sudoku is a unique variant proposed by Sudoku Master, where letters are used and where you have to discover the word hidden on the first line of the puzzle.

It was designed with simplicity in mind, and is adapted for all level - from beginners to advanced players.

Try it - and don't blame us for being addicted!



...incredible job. I like the uncluttered interface, which let me think clearly about the puzzle itself...

Cynthia Mullins

...I found plenty of Sudoku solvers and games that had limited game tables, or the games tried to be too fluffy and gamey looking with fancy graphics, but yours had a normal look and had them beat. :-)

Anthony Mason

...thank god for the keyboard support. I can play on my laptop in the plane without having to fiddle with the mouse...

Randy Due

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